Chatbot & Automation

Chatbot is gaining traction over the past 2 years, but still, not many are aware of it or know how to truly leverage it to grow their business.

How does Chatbot help your business?

Through advanced personalization and individualized messages. Compared to email marketing, chatbot takes a very conversational approach to speak with your leads. Based on their response, we send them the right messages at the right timing.

They are your best customer service! No longer do you need to manually answer those FAQ such as your opening hours, address, and promotions.

But that’s not all we can do.

We love to take things up a notch by integrating email marketing + chatbot. Not only you get to send them personalized email, you can even follow-up with your leads through chatbot!

With this perfect combination, we’ll be able to create a truly integrated marketing channel to grow your sales and scale your business.

What can we do for you?

  • 1
    Potential customers one click to opt in to your email list
  • 2
    Automatic human focused customer support
  • 3
    Advanced filter, sort, and schedule everyone before they came in the doors
  • 4
    Automatic follow up with customers that haven't come back in 30, 60, 90 days
  • 5
    Advanced daily sequence and customer segmentation to increase conversion

Are you ready to automate your business?

Schedule a complimentary free call with us to discuss on your needs. Whether it is brand awareness, lead generation, viral giveaway, there’s still tons of opportunities for your business to reach out and grow, locally and even globally.