Lead Generation

Lead generation is our primary service of bringing you more money

How do we bring you money?

By attracting and sending highly qualified leads to your doorstep, literally.

Long, long time ago, local business such as clinic and dental relies on walk-ins and referral to bring in new business.

Does that sounds a lot like what you are doing too?

Sitting in your office, just wondering when does a new customer shows up?

If so, you’re in great trouble…

Doing nothing is simply not going to be enough to sustain a business in this digital era, where all your competitors are doing everything they can to take the business away from you.

But not for long.

You can also do something to bring in more business, even if you are a brick-and-mortar store.

And that is to hire Funnel Duo Media to generate leads for your business.

Our clients include dentists, chiropractors, and high-end F&B restaurants from all over the world, just to name a few.

What we are doing is simply bring our internet marketing knowledge of over 10 years and use it on a local business.

Guess what?

It works! And it works GREAT for our clients.

If you think you have a good product/service and are looking to scale your business, we need to talk.


What is Lead Generation?

A lead is a person who has indicated interest in your product or service. Lead generation basically means that we help you find qualified leads through various marketing channel such as Facebook Ads and Google Ads.

Where does the leads go?

The leads enter our designed funnel and through a series of email or Facebook messages, they convert from a cold leads into a warm prospects and subsequently, a buyer.

Our Lead Generation Service Includes:

Facebook Ad & Retargeting

  1. Research Ad And Survey So You Know Your Customers Needs, Wants, Fears, and Goals
  2. ‘Click Worthy Break A Habit Over Offer’ So Your Clicks Turn Into Customers
  3. Retargeting So Forgetful Customers See Your Ad Across the Internet

Landing Page & Thank You Page

  1. Mobile Friendly Landing page So Your Traffic Converts
  2. Thank You Offer So Potential Customers Take Action and Call You
  3. Includes Maps, Social Proof, Heat Maps, and Live Tracking

Instant Notifications

  1. Calendar Sync, Upcoming Reminders, and Automatic Rescheduling So You Don’t Have To
  2. Leads Name, Number, and Email So You Grow Your List of Potential Customers
  3. SMS with Lead Info Sent To Your Phone So You Can Take Action Fast

The Soap Opera Email Sequence

  1. Research-Based Persuasive Emails That Get Your Story Out
  2. Includes Upsell Offer To Get More Dollars Out Of More Customers

The Strategy & Support

  1. High Converting Sales Script So You Know What To Say And When
  2. Conversion Academy to train your staff to convert leads and sell better

Analytics & Tracking

  1. Call Tracking So You Know How Your Office Responds To Calls
  2. Call Recording So You Can Study And Improve Conversions

Ready to bring in more money?

Schedule a complimentary free call with us to discuss on your needs. Whether it is brand awareness, lead generation, viral giveaway, there’s still tons of opportunities for your business to reach out and grow, locally and even globally.