Landing Page Design

We create landing pages optimized for your sales conversion

It's NOT About The Website

The common misconception is that a website is not important. It’s seen as a cost instead of an asset that generates revenue.

Those people couldn’t be more wrong.

Your website should bring you money, if and only if you make it that way! The thing is, not everyone understands marketing, certainly not every web designers.

But not us.

There’s a reason why our company is called Funnel Duo.

Everything we do, we are **obsessed about two things, traffic & conversion.**

That’s the basis of all business funnel, online and offline.

When you engage our service, you don’t just get a website.

You get an AWESOME website that converts.

Every elements of your website has been architect-ed to give your prospects the best visual experience while guiding them to next action (opt-in or booking).


Not so much!

We simply do extensive research to understand your business and your customer persona!

Our Landing Page Design Services Include:

Mobile Friendly

We always think “mobile-first”. Google too. That’s why your website will be mobile responsive and load fast.

User Experience

Your website will definitely looks great. What about user experience? Can they easily find the what they need in under 0.5 seconds? Well, we will take care of that for you.

Website Copywriting

It’s never just about the design. Your pitch and Call-To-Action (CTA) is equally important. Your website is your marketing tool after all, and all marketing needs good copywriting.

Thank You Page

One of the most overlooked page. This is the one page that everyone sees after opted in and should contain important information and one-time offer.


We know what ticks. Every elements on your landing page is designed to engage and convert. Your website is no longer just a cost. It is now a money making machine.

Ready to revamp your website and rake in more moolah?

Schedule a complimentary free call with us to discuss on your needs. Whether it is brand awareness, lead generation, viral giveaway, there’s still tons of opportunities for your business to reach out and grow, locally and even globally.